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We do repair and partial or complete ground-up restorations.

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Porsche 1956 356A Restoration

This was a fun project. It’s a Porsche 1956 356A – a very early A. It was in pretty good shape, not a lot of rust, the longitudinal and floors had previously been done, the battery floor needed to be done and then a few small spots.

It was a running and driving car, but was quite rough. The owner wanted to take the car back to bone stock. The Kardex on the car showed a ’56 only color of aqua marine blue metallic with red interior.

While taking the car apart I found some original blue paint on the wheels (they had been painted silver at some point), so we took it back that way. I was so glad that it was a rare color, I had never seen one that color before, (it seems they are mostly silver, red, and white).

With the red seats and oatmeal carpets, this 356A really turned out very nice.

Austin Healey 3000 BJ8 Restoration

This is a Austin Healey 3000 BJ8 that I’ve been doing some minor restoration work to. It’s a very original car that has not been restored.

I am doing work on brakes, new master and rear cylinders and flex lines, and the clutch. Other work includes: rear hub seals, new carpet, exhaust, cleaning the very dirty underside, treating everything and painting, rebuild of the steering box, new gaskets and seals for the oil pan, rocker cover, doors, top, etc.

Jaguar 1966 E Type OTS Restoration

This is a 1966 Jaguar E Type OTS. It looked pretty good, until I really got into it – it had rust in the drivers side rocker (pretty normal), so it got a new rocker. Received new door skins as the old ones had been butchered, and were coming apart. The car got a new boot lid, and new drivers floor as it was repaired poorly before. I then painted the whole car.

Mechanically the car was in pretty good shape. I did pull the rear end out and replaced all the seals and the gaskets in the differential, the seals in the rear uprights, and set the preload on the wheel bearings. I rebuilt the front suspension, and replaced the front header pipes with stainless. And since I had it apart, I had all of the chrome done, added a new windscreen, and replaced all of the rubber seals on the whole car. This car is absolutely stunning.

MG TC Restoration

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