Each car is built to show-car standards. They have won trophies every time they’ve been shown or raced. Approximately 1000 hours goes into creating each car. All of the aluminum is worked by my two hands. There are about 1000 rivets in neat little rows. With the exception of the drive train, all the components used in the car are brand new and custom designed for the application.

Our first customer Dr. Enrique Saurez of Caracas, Venezuela (a world renown expert on LASIK eye surgery), was very pleased to add #002 to his sports car collection which also includes a Lamborghini Diablo, Ferrari 512 TR, and a Porsche 911 Turbo.

Barchetta 3500 Design

The fact that Mr. Ron Tonkin, the well-known Ferrari dealer and exotic car collector, has added #004 to his personal collection which now numbers 44 cars – and the fact that he displays his Barchetta 3500 at his Gran Turismo dealership next to with Ferrari, Vector, and Lotus – speaks to the quality of these rolling works of art.