1600 lbs with perfect 50/50 weight distribution

Powered by a dressed 3.5L Aluminum V-8 (Rover), approximately 270 BHP

4-Double barrel downdraft Webers

Full aluminum monocoque

Custom-built chassis

5-Speed transmission

Z F Limited slip differential

Disc brakes, vented Willwood racing front, Brembo in rear

Front suspension, custom-made unequal length A arms, coil over shocks, Willwood aluminum hubs

Rear suspension, four bar with Panhard rod, coil over shocks

Stainless steel headers, custom made, feeding into 4 polished stainless steel side pipes

Authentic 16-inch stainless steel and chrome wire knock-offs (custom-made)

Full aluminum cockpit, engine bay, trunk and wheel wells

Leather seats

Outrageous performance and stunning vintage looks

Street legal

Performance & Handling

0 to 60 MPH in 4 seconds, with 270 BHP, the small motor

0 to 60 MPH in 3.2 seconds, with 450 BHP, small block

Top speed: 160 MPH

Perfect 50/50 weight distribution

Racing-quality suspension components

Low weight

Upgrade Options

3.9 L (Rover V-8), approximately 285 BHP

4.6 L (Rover V-8), approximately 330 BHP

Roll bar: Included N/C

Tonneau cover: $1,000 USD